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Privacy Policy for Boxofficebusiness :

Thanks for using this website and the services provided by BoxOfficeBusiness

By using this website and services, You are allowing us to follow privacy policies(Read them carefully).

We collect your system information and IP address to provide you with good services.

Sometimes, like commenting and movie reviews, you need to provide your email address. But we don’t share this personal data with anyone.

We store some cookies on your System to track you for future purposes.

We use third-party services for Google Analytics, and Embedded code from Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. These services may collect your information and store cookies.

Here is their privacy policy :

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We do everything we reasonably can to protect your rights of privacy on systems and websites controlled by us. Still, we are not liable for any unauthorized or unlawful disclosures of your personal and confidential information made by third parties who are not subject to our control, for example, advertisers and websites that have links to our Site. You should take note that the information and privacy practices of our business partners, advertisers, sponsors, or other sites to which we provide hyperlinks, may be different from ours.

We also cannot warrant the security of the information, which you transmit to us.


This section applies only to California residents  It describes how we collect, use, and share Personal Information of California residents in operating our business, and their rights with respect to that Personal Information  For purposes of this section, “Personal Information” has the meaning given in the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) but does not include information exempted from the scope of the CCPA.

How We Collect, Use, and Share your Personal Information  We collect the following statutory categories (as defined by CCPA) of Personal Information:

Identifiers (e.g., device identifier, IP address, unique browser ID, cookies, beacons, pixel tags, account login, other unique identifiers, name, site log-in, email address, mailing address (or state/province and country of residence), phone number, images of yourself you provide us for your account page you are creating and completing in order to attend an event we are hosting.

Commercial information (e.g., subscription records, site engagement).

Internet or network information (e.g., browsing and search history, site and advertisement interactions, audience research data).

Geolocation data (e.g., a precise location derived from GPS-enabled services).

Professional or employment information (e.g., the information you provide when you apply for a job with us or participate in audience research, as well as information about your job title, income level, and the name of your employer that you provide when you register to attend an event we are hosting or when participating in audience research).

Financial information (e.g.,  your financial account numbers or payment card information; please note that a third-party payment processor is responsible for all collection, processing, and storage of your Financial Information and we do not have direct access to or possession of any payment card information.)

Education information (e.g., the information you provide when you apply for a job with us or when you participate in audience research).

Protected classification characteristics (e.g., age, ethnicity, race, languages spoken, or gender)

Inferences (e.g., information about your interests, preferences, and favorites).

The sources from which we collect information are described in Section 1 of this Privacy Policy; the business and commercial purposes for which we collect this information are described in Section 2 of this Privacy Policy, and the categories of third parties to whom we “disclose” the information for a business purpose are described in Section 3 and Section 5 of this Privacy Policy

Your California Privacy Rights. As a California resident, you have the rights listed below. However, these rights are not absolute, and in certain cases, we may decline your request as permitted by law.

Information  You can request the following information about how we have collected, used, disclosed, and “sold” your Personal Information during the past 12 months:

The categories of Personal Information that we have collected and used.

The categories of sources from which we collected Personal Information.

The business or commercial purpose for collecting and/or selling Personal Information.

The categories of third parties with whom we share Personal Information.

Whether we have disclosed your Personal Information for a business purpose, and if so, the categories of Personal Information received by each category of third party recipient.

Whether we’ve sold your Personal Information, and if so, the categories of Personal Information received by each category of a third-party recipient

Access  You can request a copy of the Personal Information that we have collected about you during the past 12 months.

Deletion  You can ask us to delete the Personal Information that we have collected from you.

Opt-out of sales  You can ask that we do not sell your Personal Information.  In addition, if you direct us not to sell your Personal Information, we will consider it a request pursuant to California’s “Shine the Light” law to stop sharing your personal information covered by that law with third parties for their direct marketing purposes.

Opt-in  If we know that you are younger than 16 years old, we will ask for your permission (or if you are younger than 13 years old, your parent’s or guardian’s permission) to sell your Personal Information before we do so.

Nondiscrimination  You are entitled to exercise the rights described above free from discrimination

California residents may exercise the California privacy rights described above as follows:

Rights to information, access, and deletion  To request to exercise your information, access, or deletion rights:

Complete the “Submit a CCPA Data Request” form available in our online Help Center.

Email – [email protected]

Identity verification for CCPA rights to information, access, and deletion.

We reserve the right to confirm your California residence to process your requests and will need to confirm your identity to process your requests to exercise your CCPA rights.

Following California law, we take reasonable precautions to verify the identities of those California residents submitting requests to delete or access Personal Information, or to learn more about how their Personal Information is processed. For requests to access specific pieces of Personal Information, we verify the requester’s identity by having them first complete a notarized affidavit affirming their identity and California residency. When a notarized affidavit cannot be obtained, we may request alternate forms of identification, such as by authenticating one’s identity through their account on our site or, only when necessary and only as permissible under applicable law, by providing a copy of a government identification card.

For CCPA deletion requests and requests to learn more about how their Personal Information is processed, we verify the requester’s identity by asking them to confirm their request by email.

We cannot process your request if you do not provide us with sufficient detail to allow us to verify your identity, understand the nature of the request, and respond to it.

Right to opt-out of the “sale” of your Personal Information: The Atlantic does not sell your Personal Information in the conventional sense (i.e., for money)  Like many companies, however, we use services that help deliver interest-based ads to you and may transfer Personal Information to business partners for their use. Making Personal Information (such as online identifiers or browsing activity) available to these companies may be considered a “sale” under the CCPA.  You can request to opt-out of such “sale” of your Personal Information here: Do Not Sell My Personal Information  Please note that you will still see some advertising, regardless of your selection. We do not impose verification protocols for processing California residents’ requests to opt out of the “sale” of their Personal Information unless we have reason to question the authenticity of a requester’s identity, in which case we may request a notarized affidavit affirming their identity and California residency.

Authorized Agents. California residents can empower an “authorized agent” to submit CCPA requests on their behalf through the same means outlined above through which a California resident may file a request – through our online Help Center, by emailing us at [email protected]

Notice Regarding California Residents We Know to Be Under the Age of 16. California residents we know to be younger than 16 years of age will by default be treated as though they have exercised a request to opt-out of the sale of their Personal Information with respect to the information provided directly to us (as opposed to information automatically collected from them through technical means). We do not permit such users to opt-in to the sale of their Personal Information unless they provide proof that they are no longer under the age of 16.