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Jawan Vs Gadar 2 Day Wise Box Office Collection



Jawan Vs Gadar 2 23 Days Box Office Collection –

Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan has collected 492.04 Crore nett Box Office collections in Only the Hindi Version and Gadar 2 has collected 456.05 Crore nett box office collections in 17 days.

DayGadar 2 Hindi
Nett Collection
Jawan Hindi
Nett Collection
Day 140.10 Crore65.50 Crore
Day 243.08 Crore46.23 Crore
Day 351.70 Crore68.72 Crore
Day 438.70 Crore71.63 Crore
Day 555.40 Crore30.50 Crore
Day 632.37 Crore24 Crore
Day 723.28 Crore21.30 Crore
Day 820.50 Crore20.10 Crore
Day 931.07 Crore18.10 Crore
Day 1038.90 Crore30.10 Crore
Day 1113.50 Crore34.26 Crore
Day 1212.10 Crore14.25 Crore
Day 1310 Crore12.90 Crore
Day 148.40 Crore8.60 Crore
Day 157.10 Crore7.25 Crore
Day 1613.75 Crore7.10 Crore
Day 1716.10 Crore11.50 Crore
Day 184.60 Crore13.90 Crore
Day 195.10 Crore4.90 Crore
Day 208.60 Crore4.40 Crore
Day 218.10 Crore4.45 Crore
Day 225.20 Crore5.81 Crore
Day 235.72 Crore4.90 Crore
23 Days Total493.37 Crore530.40 Crore

Jawan Vs Gadar 2 Worldwide Box Office Collection –

12 Days
Gadar 2
42 Days
India Nett
496.24 Crore522 Crore
India Gross
590.76 Crore621.43 Crore
Overseas Gross
293.01 Crore65.54 Crore
Worldwide Gross
883.68 Crore686.97 Crore

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