Animal Vs Tiger 3 Vs Pathan Vs Jawan Box Office Collection

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Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna’s Animal has collected 481.59 Crore in 21 days. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s Tiger 3 has collected 294.73 Crore nett Box Office collection in 19 days. Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan collected 481.35 Crore nett and Jawan Collected 519.69 Crore nett at the box office in 21 days.

Animal Vs Tiger 3 Box Office Collection –

DayAnimal Hindi
Nett Collection
Tiger 3 Hindi
Nett Collection
Day 154.75 Crore43 Crore
Day 258.37 Crore58 Crore
Day 363.46 Crore43.50 Crore
Day 440.06 Crore20.50 Crore
Day 534.02 Crore18 Crore
Day 627.80 Crore13 Crore
Day 722.35 Crore18.25 Crore
Day 821.56 Crore10.25 Crore
Day 932.47 Crore7.25 Crore
Day 1033.53 Crore6.60 Crore
Day 1113.12 Crore6 Crore
Day 1212 Crore5.30 Crore
Day 139.75 Crore3.55 Crore
Day 148.30 Crore5.30 Crore
Day 158 Crore6.70 Crore
Day 1612 Crore3 Crore
Day 1712.50 Crore2.25 Crore
Day 185.55 Crore2.20 Crore
Day 195 Crore2.08 Crore
19 Days Total474.59 Crore294.73 Crore

Animal Vs Pathan Box Office Collection –

DayAnimal Hindi
Nett Collection
Pathan Hindi
Nett Collection
Day 154.75 Crore55 Crore
Day 258.37 Crore68 Crore
Day 363.46 Crore38 Crore
Day 440.06 Crore51.50 Crore
Day 534.02 Crore58.50 Crore
Day 627.80 Crore25.50 Crore
Day 722.35 Crore22 Crore
Day 821.56 Crore17.50 Crore
Day 932.47 Crore15 Crore
Day 1033.53 Crore13.50 Crore
Day 1113.12 Crore22.50 Crore
Day 1212 Crore27.50 Crore
Day 139.75 Crore8.25 Crore
Day 148.30 Crore7.50 Crore
Day 158 Crore6.50 Crore
Day 1612 Crore5.75 Crore
Day 1713.50 Crore5.75 Crore
Day 185.55 Crore11 Crore
Day 195 Crore12.60 Crore
Day 204.70 Crore4.10 Crore
Day 212.30 Crore5.40 Crore
21 Days Total481.59 Crore481.35 Crore

Animal Vs Jawan Box Office Collection –

DayAnimal Hindi
Nett Collection
Jawan Hindi
Nett Collection
Day 154.75 Crore65.50 Crore
Day 258.37 Crore46.23 Crore
Day 363.46 Crore68.72 Crore
Day 440.06 Crore71.63 Crore
Day 534.02 Crore30.50 Crore
Day 627.80 Crore24 Crore
Day 722.35 Crore21.30 Crore
Day 821.56 Crore20.10 Crore
Day 932.47 Crore18.10 Crore
Day 1033.53 Crore30.10 Crore
Day 1113.12 Crore34.26 Crore
Day 1212 Crore14.25 Crore
Day 139.75 Crore12.90 Crore
Day 148.30 Crore8.60 Crore
Day 158 Crore7.25 Crore
Day 1612 Crore7.10 Crore
Day 1713.50 Crore11.50 Crore
Day 185.55 Crore13.90 Crore
Day 195 Crore4.90 Crore
Day 204.70 Crore4.40 Crore
Day 212.30 Crore4.45 Crore
21 Days Total481.59 Crore519.69 Crore

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