Salaar Vs Dunki Box Office Collection

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Salaar Vs Dunki Box Office Collection

Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran, and Shruti Hassan’s Salaar collected 130.82 Crore nett in Hindi Version and 596.95 Crore gross Worldwide in 14 days. Shah Rukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu’s Dunki has collected 201.40 Crore nett at the Indian Box Office and 417.10 Crore at the global box office in 14 days.

Salaar Vs Dunki Hindi Box Office Collection –

DaySalaar Hindi
Nett Collection
Dunki Hindi
Nett Collection
Day 115 Crore28 Crore
Day 216.30 Crore20 Crore
Day 320 Crore25 Crore
Day 415 Crore30 Crore
Day 59 Crore24 Crore
Day 67.50 Crore11.50 Crore
Day 77.20 Crore10.55 Crore
Day 86 Crore8.25 Crore
Day 97.20 Crore7.20 Crore
Day 109.50 Crore9 Crore
Day 118.20 Crore11.50 Crore
Day 123.90 Crore9 Crore
Day 133.20 Crore3.90 Crore
Day 142.90 Crore3.50 Crore
14 Days
Total Collection
130.82 Crore201.40 Crore

Salaar Vs Dunki Worldwide Box Office Collection –

DaySalaar Worldwide
Gross Collection
Dunki Worldwide
Gross Collection
Day 1167 Crore58 Crore
Day 284.15 Crore45.40 Crore
Day 378.85 Crore53.82 Crore
Day 468.50 Crore53.91 Crore
Day 536.20 Crore45.27 Crore
Day 625.15 Crore26.73 Crore
Day 727.50 Crore21.87 Crore
Day 815.85 Crore18.77 Crore
Day 920.50 Crore16.33 Crore
Day 1021 Crore21.20 Crore
Day 1133.50 Crore19.30 Crore
Day 127.80 Crore19.80 Crore
Day 135.80 Crore9.49 Crore
Day 144.95 Crore7.21 Crore
14 Days
Total Collection
596.95 Crore417.10 Crore

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